SSU Intelligent Systems Lab

The Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) at Sonoma State University (SSU) is dedicated to advancing research and teaching in smart and intelligent systems. We solve engineering problems through the design and development of hardware and software. Our current focus areas include biomedical sensors, robotics, embedded systems, and computer vision.

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Lab Director: Dr. Sudhir Shrestha

Research Areas

  • Breath Glucose Sensing

  • Natural Language Processing for Robot Navigation

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Detection from Retina Images/ Parallel Computing

  • RADAR Remote Detections

  • Advanced Robotics and Controls

Current Members

  • Natalie Liang (BSEE)

  • Jessie Lopez (BSEE)

  • Jorge Solorio (MS ECE)


Scott Parmley (MS ECE, 2022), Priya Patel (MS ECE, 2022), Roel Hernandez (MS ECE, 2022), Olivia Piazza (MS ECE, 2021), Kirk Durand (MS-CES, 2021), Gaven Hayden-Town (BSEE, 2021), Alexander Sneed (BSEE, 2021), Anthony Arjona (BSEE, 2021), Ellie Parker (BS CS, 2021), Khuram Shehzad (MS CES, 2020), Parshava Vora (MS-CES, 2019), Alexis Buenrostro (BSEE), Logan Lawrence (BSEE, 2020), Blake Zuniga (BSEE, 2020), Austin Saolis (BSEE, 2020), Daniel Gil (BS-EE, 2020), Casey Harold (BSEE), Matthew Boubin (MS ECE, Miami University, 2019), Tanner McWhorter (BS ECE, Miami University, 2018), and Yan-Ting Chen (MS ECE, Miami University, 2018)

Graduate Theses and Projects

  • Scott Parmley, " Autonomous Yield Estimator," MS Project, May 2022

  • Roel Hernandez, "Hardware Implementation of a Four-Degree of Freedom Deep Reinforcement Learning Arm Control Model Trained Through Human Demonstrations," MS Project, May 2022

  • Priya Patel, "Stability Study of Figaro TGS Sensors Over 1000 Tests," MS Project, May 2022

  • Kirk Duran, "Deep Reinforcement Learning for a Four Degree of Freedom Robot Arm Control Simulation Accelerated by Human Demonstrations," MS Thesis, May 2021

  • Olivia Piazza, "Natural Language Processing for Robotic Navigation Through Unknown Environments," MS Thesis, December 2020.

  • Khuram Shehzad, "Detecting Small Movements through Concrete using FMCW Radar for Search and Rescue Applications," MS Thesis, December 2020.

  • Parshava Vora, "Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy using Embedded Computer Vision," MS Project, December 2019.

Capstone Projects

  • Rania Saba, Alexander Sneed, Gaven Haydon-Town, Platform for Automated Capture and Storage of Breath Sensor Data, 2021.

  • Jessica Mellor, Jonathan Cervantes, Anthony Arjona Pech, Volatile Organic Compound Profiler, 2021.

  • Rio Smith, Craig McGovern, Carter O'Neal, Smart Gauge Reader, 2019.

  • Grant Young, Matthew Hutchison, Nathaneal Magardie, Stone Cold - Automated Home Brewing, 2018.

  • Diego Espinosa, Cristin Faria, Portable Diabetic Retina Scanning Device, 2018.

Summer and Visiting Scholars

  • Kyle Wu (Maria Carrillo High School), Deewas Timsina and Dipen Timsina (Technology High School), Summer 2020

  • Vinay Nagappala (Montgomery High School), Summer 2019, SSU High School Internship Program (SHIP)

  • Julia Pastis (Santa Rosa High School), Summer 2018, SSU High School Internship Program (SHIP)

  • Ziven Posner (El Molino High School), Summer 2018, SSU High School Internship Program (SHIP)

  • Christine Tai (BS-CS, University of California, Los Angeles), Summer 2018

Funding Acknowledgements

Research and lab resources have been supported by:

  • CSUPERB COVID-19 Post Pandemic Faculty Support Program, 2022

  • CSUPERB COVID-19 Research Recovery Microgrant, 2022

  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Program Mini Grant, 2020

  • Koret Scholars Award, 2018, 2020 (Koret Foundation)

  • Dean's Summer Research Award, 2018, 2019 (School of Science and Technology, SSU)

  • SSU High School Internship Program 2018, 2019 (SHIP, School of Science and Technology, SSU)

  • Sci & Tech Innovation & Strategic Priorities, 2017 (School of Science and Technology, SSU)

  • SST Faculty Professional Development Award, 2017, 2019, 2021 (SSU)

  • National Science Foundation, Smart and Connected Health Program (NSF award #1502310)

  • SSU Start-up Funds

  • Department of Engineering Science, SSU