SSU Intelligent Systems Lab

The Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) at Sonoma State University (SSU) is dedicated to advancing research and teaching in smart and intelligent systems. We solve engineering problems through the design and development of hardware and software. Our current focus areas include biomedical sensors, robotics, embedded systems, and computer vision.

Lab Director: Dr. Sudhir Shrestha

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Scott Parmley (MS ECE, 2022), Priya Patel (MS ECE, 2022), Roel Hernandez (MS ECE, 2022), Olivia Piazza (MS ECE, 2021), Kirk Durand (MS-CES, 2021), Gaven Hayden-Town (BSEE, 2021), Alexander Sneed (BSEE, 2021), Anthony Arjona (BSEE, 2021), Ellie Parker (BS CS, 2021), Khuram Shehzad (MS CES, 2020), Parshava Vora (MS-CES, 2019), Alexis Buenrostro (BSEE), Logan Lawrence (BSEE, 2020), Blake Zuniga (BSEE, 2020), Austin Saolis (BSEE, 2020), Daniel Gil (BS-EE, 2020), Casey Harold (BSEE), Matthew Boubin (MS ECE, Miami University, 2019), Tanner McWhorter (BS ECE, Miami University, 2018), and Yan-Ting Chen (MS ECE, Miami University, 2018)

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Research and lab resources have been supported by: